In a world of unlimited possibilities the ability to identify and focus on the critical path is the difference between failure and success


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Selling Disruptive Innovation

              The Challenge

Selling a new medical device against standard medical practice is a special exercise in market creation. 

Finding the first few customers to try new technology is easy. Building a base of long-term “happy” customers is much more difficult.  

  • Convert the “oh Wow” to permanent product placements 
  • Create “sticky” customers that continue to buy after they try 
  • Generate a predictable sales cycle and steady revenue growth 
  • Assure that reps focus on what works, and don’t waste time on what does not
Solution for Sales in a Stall

FocusOn Stratagies approach to rejuvinating sales process

External development of sales process brings perspective and objectivity that encourages collaboration and acceptance of the new approach.



       Sales Process Critical Steps


Identify the right target customer

·          Identify the market segments where your product delivers the highest value

·          Target promotion program to specific customer needs

·          Rapidly and effectively screen prospects for likelihood of success


Sell to the whole customer

·          Identify all functions involved in the buying decision

·          Train reps to speak to technical issues, clinical issues and financial issues

·          Provide call point materials customized to the concerns of each function, including those less interested in the “oh wow” (e.g. administration, purchasing and biomedical engineering).


Avoid the common success stoppers

·          Prevent eternal evaluations

·          Don’t get lost in hospital committees

·          Avoid complicating the pricing and contracting process

·          Stop usage erosion after the initial sale




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