In a world of unlimited possibilities the ability to identify and focus on the critical path is the difference between failure and success


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FocusOn Strategies offers marketing and strategic planning services with the maximum flexibility and the minimum overhead.  Whether you want a facilitation of a complex corporate strategic planning process, or a simple product brochure, FocusOn Strategies will help you achieve success.  Services are available on a project or per hour basis.


  • Market Plan development for a single product or product portfolio
  • Product launch planning
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Identifying target customers
  • Pricing analysis and plan
  • Marketing communication strategies and materials
  • Competitive analysis
  • Sales process definition
  • Sales and product training programs
  • Product training programs
  • Sales meeting facilitation

Business Development

  • Strategic plan development (independently or through facilitating your process)
  • Corporate marketing materials development
  • Investor presentation materials
  • New opportunity assessments
  • Market size and opportunity modeling
  • Identifying alliance partners
  • Product portfolio mangement and obsolescence planning
  • Job description and operating SOP development
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